Board and Committees: Dedicated Volunteers

Yellow Flowers

A field of cheerful yellow Coreopsis, a common wildflower found in St. Augustine

Board of Directors

Margo Pope | President

Debra Rhodes Gibson | Vice President

Sheila Brown | Treasurer

Nancy Little | Secretary

Allyson Currie

Eric W. Hoffman

Melissa Rhinehart

Jim Wilson | Executive Director

Brian Thompson | Publicity Director


Social Media

Ari Corsetti

Christie Dizzia

Shonas Kibbee

Caitlin Sears

Author Selection Committee

Karen Harvey, Chair

Sandra Parks

Margo Pope

Debra Rhodes Gibson

Jim Wilson


Krista Russell

Legends Banquet Committee

Mimi Roberson

Mike Roberson

Calling all volunteers
Drop us a line letting us know your availability and interests.

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